Meloni presses Conte on Chavez's money in 5 seconds

After the news – published in Italy by El Giornal – about the revelations of the former Venezuelan spy Hugo Carvajal regarding the alleged financing of the Hugo Chavez regime to some parties in the world, including the M5s, the wave of reactions is increasing steadily throughout the day. It reached its climax in the late afternoon, when David Casaleggio was once again forced to deny any kind of money exchange his father Gianroberto might have been involved in. The co-founder’s son responded harshly. This comes on the heels of the harsh undertones of June 2020, the days when news of the alleged Venezuelan bag of 3.5 million euros for five stars first appeared in the Italian and international press, thanks to the scoop for the Spanish newspaper ABC. My father did not take money from the Venezuelan government. Last year, the document brought in as evidence was proven to have been forged using Photoshop,” explains the president of the Rousseau Association. The statements made by the former head of military intelligence in Caracas, Hugo “El Polo” Carvajal, before the Madrid judges are groundless, at least with regard to the part about the alleged financing of the M5s. “I repeat, as I have done in the past, that this is false news and I am deeply angry at how it has been used in a beneficial way to defame someone who no longer exists.”

There is also space to remember that “a few days ago the trial of the Spanish newspaper ABC began”. And threatening everyone who raises the news of Carvajal’s statements, including Il Journal, with a lawsuit. “And even today, all other organs of the press that continue to launch this slander will be the subject of a lawsuit.”

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But history is exploding in the palaces of Italian politics. Giorgia Meloni, the brotherhood leader in Italy, was among the first to ask for clarification. «We learned from Il Giornale that the former head of Chavez’s military intelligence, Hugo Carvajal, was going to assure the Spanish justice of the financing of parties friendly to the Venezuelan regime around the world. Among these there will also be the M5S. News spread in the past by the Spanish newspaper ABC, which talked about a briefcase with three and a half million euros in cash sent by Nicolas Maduro, then-Chávez’s foreign minister and now Venezuelan president, and sent to Gianroberto Casalegio “, sums up Meloni. Of “formally requesting the M5s and its chief Giuseppe Giuseppe Conte to clarify this news and distance themselves politically from the communist dictatorship in Caracas.” From Fed comes a parliamentary question from Representative Augusta Montaroli. Montaroli calls on Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese to take measures “to investigate possible interference by a foreign state in national politics and the choices made by the government.” Nicola Dante, MEP for Italy Viva, known as “No one gets angry today” and states that “in the European Parliament, in the last legislature, M5 members have always voted against or abstained from proposals condemning the Venezuelan regime.” Also from Eve , Senator Laura Garavini to the Pentastilati: “Our commitment to democracy has been sincere. Theirs?”

Last year, Giovanni Favia, a former grillino regional council member from Emilia-Romagna, got into the conundrum as well, speaking about an email received in 2010 from Venezuelan diplomats interested in M5s. “I know nothing and I’ve never really talked about exchanging money,” he began speaking on the phone with Il Giornale. “But I confirm my account, there was an e-mail contact with the Venezuelan embassy shortly after I was elected to the regional council in 2010,” he continues. “While I was actually one of the leaders of the M5s, they told us they were interested in us and wanted to meet because they considered us a revolutionary movement like theirs – says Favia – but I didn’t feel like going forward and passed the contact to Grillo and Casaleggio, then I didn’t know anything Another.” But Favia, after this episode was revealed, was the victim of a storm of nonsense sparked by M5s deputy Francesco Berti. He concludes, “He made a Facebook post, they filled me with insults, and they moved a mud machine against me, but I sued.”

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