England: West Ham take the lead after beating Leicester

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London (AFP)

With a clear thrashing of Leicester (4-1), West Ham reduced their lead to ten before the break, winning their second match in two days and taking the lead in the Premier League on Monday night.

Already winners at Newcastle (4-2) in the first lift, West Ham have the same goal difference as Liverpool and Chelsea (+5), but with eight goals, against five Reds and Blues. The Londoners outperformed Brighton and Tottenham, the authors of a perfect start like them.

For Fox, who initially dominated Wolverhampton (1-0), they are stuck at the heart of the position (12th).

Between the 6th and 5th of last season, separated by a small point, the match was assured that it would not be decided. He was very balanced in the first half of the first act, though Leicester monopolized the ball, but in a very sterile style.

Brendan Rodgers’ men had a setback in the middle of the field by Teklon Rice and Pablo Farnells (1-0, 26th) had a setback.

Shortly before half-time, Ayos Perez was sent off by the referee after seeking the VAR (40th), the teacher of a bad gesture, when he lost the opponent’s balance.

After the break, former Monacas Yuri Tylemans looked decisive for Sam Benrahma Hammers (2-0, 56th) before giving Leicester (2-1, 69th) confidence.

Unfortunately for Fox, center forward Michael Antonio then doubled in the last ten minutes and added to the bill (3-1, 80th then 4-1, 84th).

He was the highest scorer for the London club in the Premier League era, with 49 goals more than the Italian Paulo de Canio, with the Hammers having the most logical victory.

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