Tesla employees report no desks when they return to face-to-face work

If you’re going to ask your team to return to work, make sure there are conditions to get them. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t. Elon Musk felt it.

Askarim | Shutterstock

After clarifying their position on teleworking and face-to-face work (every worker must spend at least 40 hours a week in the office), some company employees complained that they had no place to park and no desks to work at. And office does not have good internet connection. All these are reported by the site Information Collected reports of various employees of the company. According to the site, some managers faced with the problem chose to send their teams to continue working from home despite threats from Musk, who announced in early June: “Everyone at Tesla must spend at least 40 hours a week in the office. . . . If someone doesn’t show up, we’ll assume they’re out.”

For the executive, face-to-face training has played a fundamental role in Tesla’s success and he urged his team to return to pre-pandemic habits, despite the facilities, after years of mandatory teleworking. The Fremont plant in California, they weren’t ready. From 2019 to date, Tesla’s workforce has increased Earth web The company currently has 40% more employees than in 2020.

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