Novak Djokovic Ballet Diego Swartzman and Rafael Nadal at the Quartz Final

He is simply strong. Novak Djokovic defeated Diego Schwartzman in the 16th round on Sunday, May 29, in the 16th round, losing three short sets (6-1, 6-3, 6-3). The world’s leading scorer, who excelled at key points, was very consistent in the transfer and logically imposed himself against Argentina, was at times awkward and very incompetent in his service. With this victory in the eyes of Thierry Henry and rugby player Cameron Woki, he made a meeting with Serbian player Rafael Nadal for the quarterfinals. On Sunday afternoon the Spaniard had to get rid of the fierce Felix Agar-aliasim.

One run aside for the world number one player. Novak Djokovic got the upper hand faster than his Argentine opponent. After saving two break points on his serve, he broke Diego Swartzman’s second straight face before continuing his pace. Conclusion: The man in the red and white uniform won the first set of the highest match (6-1) against an unresolved n ° 15.

In the second run, Swartzman changed the tide of time. After a spell in the locker room, a man from Buenos Aires returned to court with the encouragement of many. “Come Diego” Or more Hispanic “Come Diego”. He beat Djokovic in his first face-off to take a 3-0 lead. A quick brilliance because, on the contrary, the UFO with the nickname “Knol” has excellent resources. Some “Let’s go” The stand was started by a Serbian cop, who, after a game, supported the break at No. 1 in the world.

Then, when Djokovic saved three break points, the famous seventh game was the turning point of this second set. The sequel was only a Serbian song, eventually winning six consecutive games, so in the second set (6-3).

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World number one Novak Djokovic, who largely dominated Argentina's Diego Swartzman and qualified for the quarterfinals, is preparing to face Rafael Nadal in the next round.

Argentina still unresolved in the third set. Relaxed, Novak Djokovic broke through during his opponent’s third service game. He only had to fulfill the promises of success. At 2h15 (6-3). This was his seventh victory in many conflicts Swartzman.


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