Did the Ugandan president's son threaten to invade Kenya via Twitter?

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, I apologize With Kenya some controversial tweets made by his eldest son, General Muhozi Kaynerugaba: In the publications Kaynerugaba has commented on the internal politics of Kenya, a country bordering the eastern part of Uganda, which appears to be threatening with a desire to invade it.

Kainerugaba is 48 years old and it is widely believed that he was Formula From his father to become his successor. He is also known for his controversial comments on social networks, including those in favor of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a series of Twitter posts on Monday, where he has more than 615,000 followers, Kainerugaba commented on the resignation of former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta: He said if he had been in Kenyatta’s place, he would have done differently, trying to run for a third term. Then he said he would win “very easily”.

In another tweet, he wrote, “It won’t take us, me and my army, not even two weeks to conquer Nairobi,” Kenya’s capital.

Kaynerugaba’s message provoked many Negative feedback In Kenya and Uganda: On social networks, some users accused him of being reckless and others claimed that he was risking compromising the good relations between the two countries.

The upheaval resulting from his son’s comments led Museveni to apologize directly to Kenya’s new president, William Ruto. Museveni said he was “very sorry” for the story: “I ask our Kenyan brothers and sisters to forgive us for the tweets sent by General Muhozi. […] It is not right for public officials, civilian or military, to be suspended, or to interfere in any way in the affairs of brotherly countries.”

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Then Kaynerugaba explained that his position was so a joke and that the people of Kenya should “relax”: “I will never defeat the Kenyan army because my father told me never to try!” He wrote in a later post also on Twitter.

Museveni is 78 years old and currently in his career Sixth in a row. He took power in 1986 after leading a prolonged armed uprising, and in the following years managed to provide political stability to Uganda, where he was hailed internationally as a symbol of the new African ruling class. During his tenure, he greatly reduced poverty and made Uganda’s economy grow; Over time, his government became increasingly authoritarian. Among other things, the rules of the constitution were amended several times for Museveni to continue his election and he was repeatedly criticized for conducting the elections with little transparency.

The actions he took towards his son were also viewed with some suspicion.

Until a few days ago, Kinirugaba was the commander of the Ugandan land armed forces: the day after his tweet, the Ministry of Defense announced that he would be removed from office, and at the same time announced that the President had hosted him. Promotion From lieutenant to general, a more famous role. Museveni motivated his decision by saying his son could make “many positive contributions” despite what he called “wrong”: according to a Ugandan political analyst he spoke with France Press agency Provided he remains anonymous, he will simply do so don’t bother him.

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The Kenyan government has not officially commented on Kinerogaba’s tweets, while Uganda’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying it values ​​”strong bilateral relations” with Kenya, which it called a “brotherly neighbour”. Kainerugaba has also been talked about in Italian newspapers in recent days: the president’s son has in fact said he would be willing to donate 100 cows to Georgia Meloni, describing it as “courageous and original”.

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