Yesterday Naples Preparations have begun for the resumption of the tournament scheduled for January 4 vsInter.

The Neapolitan decline begins in Turkey

Azorean who will train turkey In this period of withdrawal they are almost complete, only the internationals participating in the World Cup are missing who in any case, in all likelihood, will join the squad only when the group returns to Napoli.

Today the Neapolitans played a Double training session: In the morning all the players were working as a group except RahmaniHe still had an injury that kept him in the pits for about two months.

Naples, Rahmani
Napoli, Rahmani (Getty Images)

Report on Napoli, there is something new: a player who works separately

However, there is something new this afternoon, Another soccer player who works separatelyHere is the training report:

“Afternoon training session for Napoli in the Winter Football Series by Regnum. After an initial phase of bull and technical exercise, the group carried out aerobic work alternating with tactical exercises. At the end of the session, a match on a low pitch”.

“Rahmani did a custom job on the pitch. Sirigu dedicated work in the pond.”

Neapolitan Cerigo
Naples, Cerigo (Getty Images)

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