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Puebla, Puebla ( Esquivel). – Toros de Tijuana finished the Mexican Interliga Championship with an 8-2 defeat against Guerreros de Oaxaca at Hermanos Serdán Stadium, to finish with a 7-4 mark in the warm-up duels. was at the event.

The fronterizos went down from the first half when Kyle Martin hired Oliver Zepeda in traffic and charged one extra in the third set with a hat-trick of Samar Leyva and one of José Carlos Ureña for 3-0.

The scales tipped more to the Southerners’ side with a four-way group at the top of the fifth round. Leva scored his second goal in the afternoon and scored a solo goal to the right by Jose Carlos Urreña and then came the RBI pair of Sandbur Pimentel, Hans Wilson and Brian Araiza to make the score 7-0.

The Tiguanenses targeted their run until the seventh round when Amadeo Zazueta scored and Nick Wilkims scored two goals, the latter also climbing on the Pentagon with an unstoppable kick on Junior Lake’s left field.

“warlike” took one of the losses at the end of the same season with a hat-trick from Bryan Araiza and hit the short stops of Osel Flores for the final cards at 8-2.

For Toros de Tijuana, they shot Manny Barreda for four rounds, two by Tyler Alexander and finished, Kyle Lobstein and Fernando Rodney, while Guerreros had five empty rings by Jason García and assisted by Esteban Bloch, Vidal Sotelo and Ariel Gracia

They are going home

Toros de Tijuana has ended his participation in the Mexican Interliga Championship and will return to Tijuana tomorrow to fine-tune the final details for the start of the 2022 season.

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On Tuesday they will fulfill their last commitment to prepare when they face the Industriales de Otay at Chevron Stadium.

Offensive will train on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday will start defending their title when Diablos welcomes Rojos del Mexico at Chevron Stadium on the opening day of the 2022 MB League season.


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Oaxaca 201040 010 8 15 1

Tijuana 000 000200 2 9 1

The winning pitcher: Jason Garcia

Defeated Pitcher: Mane Bareda

Foursquare: (OAX) Kyle Martin

Playground: Sardan Brothers


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