MHSC-Rennes: 'We lacked rigor', Olivier Dall'Oglio laments

HSC Montpellier coach Olivier Daloglio returned to his team’s defeat against Stade Rennes (2-4) and lack of toughness, on Friday February 25 at La Mosson, during day 26 of the French Ligue 1.

Olivier Dall’Oglio, HSC Montpellier coach: “There is regret when you come back from a difficult start. We have a lot of hope behind us. But we lacked toughness. We had a great team ahead of us, with a strong attack.”

I also feel sorry for the beginning of the halves. It’s a shame you scored that third goal. We have a great opportunity behind. It doesn’t matter much. We put ourselves at a rather heavy handicap by compromising on these goals. We lacked precision in achieving the first two goals. We have to do better.”

“We also lack commitment and presence in the region.”

“Absences weigh. It’s not easy to come back. We can’t stand the absence of a lot of great players. We have to learn, but we learn quickly. Our defensive shortcomings are more noticeable against the big teams. From that we are against the big guys.

Defensively, we have to be tougher. We also lack commitment and presence in the region. It is played there. Eli Wahye has talent, but he still has to work. He is strong in the penalty area. He still has a lot of work to do, but he’s performing.”

“Germany is able to play in many positions”

“Germain’s period? The idea was to add a striker. Valere has experience, he has already occupied this position. He is able to play in several positions. He tried to bring us his presence at the offensive level, he is very disciplined and everyone can do better, but it is an option we will repeat.” .

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Everyone is waiting for the Paris Saint-Germain match. We want the stadium to resonate higher. We felt there was life, we would like the stadium to be full. thus. We should be happy for those who come to visit us.”

Bruno Genesio: “We showed character”

Rennes coach Bruno Genesio: “We started at a very high level, finished with two great goals. We paid dearly for our poor time. But, we were able to pick up on the topic after the first half, we showed character.

In between, I was calm and reassured. I asked that we find movement and control and play our game, we didn’t stop playing and we also scored the fourth goal which made us feel good.

It’s an improvement over our last away game. We managed to win. It is not easy to score four goals in Montpellier. It was an important match for the future. The team ensures progress mentally.

In this rather hot match, several players played an important role in keeping the nerves. The game that has been produced is the best way to achieve our goals.”


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