Boris Johnson has earned more than £1m in 33 and a half hours of work -

Speeches of the former British Prime Minister in America, India, Lisbon and Singapore. According to the rules, he had to wait three months

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London It Didn’t Take Long to Become a Millionaire: A Boris Johnson Only four speeches were enough. After leaving Downing Street just over three months ago, the former British prime minister immediately set about cashing in his weight in gold: in mid-October, he raised $300,000 to speak at a conference Insurers in America, on the 9th of November he received another 300 thousand dollars to appear before an American investment bank, a week later he collected about the same amount to receive in India, in the Hindustan Times, and finally on the 23rd of November he received 250 thousand euros for Speaking at the CNN Global Summit in Lisbon. Adding to this loot was a speech at a cryptocurrency conference in Singapore in December, the amount of which has yet to be revealed.

But already with what has been announced, British newspapers calculated that Johnson only needed 33 and a half hours of work to pass the £1 million mark (just under 1,200,000 euros), at a rate of over 35,000 euros per hour. Not bad, for someone who always complained about being broke when he was head of government: Boris, with his salary as prime minister (about 180,000 euros a year) was unable to support his family, his ex-wife and the many children scattered around, for which he was deeply in debt and took refuge a lot. And by his will to the donations of wealthy friends.

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Lenders who continue to support it: Outside Downing Street, Boris found himself homelessBecause the house he bought in London with his wife, Carrie, was rented, but Lord Bamford, a major benefactor of the Conservative Party, immediately intervened and offered him free housing, equivalent to now about 50,000 euros.

Now that he’s a simple MP, Johnson earns less than €100,000 a year, but analysts estimate that His earning potential is 5 million if it includes speeches, articles and books.

The ancient habit of breaking the rules It already cost him his jobBoris did not lose it: Theoretically, he should have waited three months before hiring someone else, but he wasn’t interested. There are no penalties, only moral censure, which slides down him like water.

However, Johnson’s activity does not stop at hay on the farm, as he says: Boris does not seem to have any intention of leaving the political scene, so much so that he has already announced that he will run again as an MP the next day. Elections to be held between two years.

But meanwhile it moves left and right, government incitement Rishi Sunak
: His favorite subject remains Ukraine, of which he has been a supporter from the start, to the point where he urged the prime minister a few days ago to supply Kyiv with long-range missiles to take out Russian launchers (something like London does not currently intend to do). Boris then turned to domestic politics and gave his support for a bill to ignore European Court of Human Rights decisions on deporting illegal immigrants, a very thorny issue for Sunak.

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He eventually joined a parliamentary revolution that forced the government to back down on wind power. In short, Johnson remains a formidable presence on the British stage, especially as newspapers stigmatize the invisible Rishi, the prime minister who looks a little shy and keeps a low profile. Also because it is Boris who always judges in court.

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