Never trust AI, they put consumers’ health at risk |  They are miraculously saved in the supermarket, after being poisoned
Health risk in New Zealand –

Artificial intelligence has made great strides in recent years, but its work does not always help people. On the contrary, the risk of poisoning for some supermarket customers is real.

The story that took place in New Zealand raised a rather significant doubt about the use of artificial intelligence, especially if improperly programmed, it can cause potential harm to health.

supermarket chain Pack ‘n’ Save, Very popular in New Zealand, and it’s kind of evolved in recent weeks Smart recipe book thanks to artificial intelligence. The app, which is available to all customers, has reported so many bugs, that the laudable intention of its creation has turned out to be a danger to consumers.

The idea that was born Safe Pot Meal that was who I recommend perfect recipes to avoid waste and empty your fridge of leftoversbut something must be wrong as recipe creation has reached a level that is both fun and dangerous at the same time.

Inclusion in the application from Non-food ingredients In fact, he led the AI ​​to adapt by giving advice “Healthy” blends of truly unique detoxes and lotions, Like Oreo stir-fried vegetables or the “aromatic water mix”, which is made without chlorine gas and is described as “the perfect soft drink to quench your thirst and refresh your senses”.

Recipes with chlorine and turpentine, what Pack’n’Save senior management decided

These prescriptions began to spread rapidly when a political commentator said, Liam Heerpost the first recipes on Twitter and then encourage followers to search for the most extravagant and dangerous recipes, until they reach them bring the supermarket chain to trial, which then had to publicly defend itself.

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recipes for
Recipes created with AI – (source; freepik)

The first public data from the supermarket chain has Show visible annoyance about the situation Inappropriate use of the app obscured its true usefulness. Precisely for this reason, it is also advised to “use judgment before relying on or creating any Savey Meal-bot-produced recipes as they have not been reviewed by any human and could, by definition, be incorrect.”

However, the company then confirmed that preparing recipes that make up a complete, balanced meal is not foolproof The common sense of the user must be put first while using this bot.


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