United States, Texas governor collects hundreds of vehicles on the border with Mexico:

metal wall“To stop the immigrants. That’s how I judge Texas, Greg AbbottHe called the barrier consisting of hundreds of cars along the border between United States and Mexico. This is only the first of the “unprecedented steps” the Republican politician intends to take to stoprefugee entry – in the majority Haitians – in the country. However, it also represents a new source of embarrassment for President Joe BidenEspecially following up on the photos – which appeared in newspapers around the world and were described by the White House as “appalling” – that portrayed Officers held and armed with whipsThey pushed the migrants to the banks of the Nile big river.

For Abbott, a former wall supporter is wanted trump blocked by Biden, “Inability to enforce laws Governance in the United States leads to chaos that in turn leads to inhumane acts. Therefore, it is up to Texas to intervene to restore control of the border “by any means, including the vehicular barrier in the National Guard Born in Public Security Department, which prevents you from reaching Del Rio. In recent days in Texas town more than 15 thousand People – men, women and children. Many of them come from Haiti, but also from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile and other Latin American countries. Epidemic and natural disasters – like 2010 earthquake in Haiti – They exacerbated the conditions of poverty and instability in their original homeland, so they moved – they crossed Colombia NS Panama – After a false rumor spread that the US border was open on social media and through messages. more than 8 thousand 600 However, they are still staying in makeshift camps below international bridge, Few were able to obtain asylum, others were waiting at customs facilities in El Paso, and many were refused. He commented, “What you see is not human.” Brandon Good, President National Board of Border Patrol.

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Despite the desire to change gears, which manifested itself in its early days, the Biden administration still relies on it Immigration Policies in the Era of Trump. It was also severely affected by the pandemic Covid 19Giving border authorities the power to expeditiously deport migrants arrested at the border by all possible means. The Homecoming flights In the past few days they have increased significantly. Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro MallorcasHe said he hoped to vacate Camp Del Rio within the next few years 9 or 10 daysbut did not provide more detailed information. Meanwhile, according to estimates, in Colombia I am currently 30 thousand refugees Which can embark this year on a trip to United States of America.


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