Among other things, Reindeer started on “The Masked Singer” on Christmas.Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

For Christmas, ProSieben presented a special edition with a special edition to all fans of “The Masked Singer”: the show on December 26 was about thinking and inviting audiences back to participate in speculation. Who will hide in the guise of duck, present and reindeer? B “lent Ceylan, who was thrilled to be an angel during season one of the “mysterious Christmas special” was brought back, then strengthened the advisory board and finally Matthias Optenhowl became a judge on Sunday.

But there was another change that did not go well with many fans: The show was pre-recorded in the presence of the studio audience. However, it is not even known who is under the mask, but had to leave the hall before opening. This ensured that no spoilers came out before the broadcast. For this, the audience was allowed to vote on the site, whichever costume wins – the fans were left behind in front of the TV sets.

Once upon a time, the “masked singer” was not live

These findings met with criticism from some Twitter users. “When The Masked Singer ‘is not live, it completely loses its appeal,” reads here, for example.

Another viewer thinks the show is “fun” in this way, and the cheers apparently don’t want to be set as usual.

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Elsewhere the “masked singer” is said to be losing her charm.

Some Twitter users speculate that the Christmas version may have been too difficult for the advisory board: Ruth Moshner & Co. Not likely to read fan tips on social networks during ad break.

Coincidentally, references to the signs of the stars were provided by Bülent Ceylan, who appeared as an angel in season one. In addition to the regular cast, Ruth Moshner and Rhea Carvey added Axolotl Andrea Sawatsky to the advisory board last season.



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