Marghe, la candidate de Florent Pagny, a remporté la saison 10 de The Voice ce samedi soir, avec 68 % des suffrages. Photo Lionel Guericolas / ITV / B233

The public chose. Sist Marquee, Florent Pogney’s candidate who won The Voice’s Season 10 this Saturday evening received 68% of the vote against 32% against Mark LaVoy’s candidate Jim Boyer.

Two more candidates competed for the final: Amel Pendt’s Toulouse Cyprian and Viennese’s Mendesa.

By explaining it My friend Daniel Quizard wrote, the title he chose to pay tribute to his recently deceased grandfather, and Wasting my young years In a duet song with a London grammar group, Marquee managed to cross the first dam against Jim Bauer, but Cyprian and Mendesa Aziza were also removed, which caused a stir on social media.

A deal with Universal Music

But what really allowed that young woman to convince the public was one of her personal songs. This is one of the biggest innovations of the season. At the end of the first performances and the public vote, the two candidates (here Marquez and Jim Boyer) finally sang a solo. Marquez sang his title Forget everything And defeated the predictions by winning against au favi, Jim Boyer, Professional for 10 years. This allows To contract with Universal Music To record his first album.

« I want to thank everyone. By the time I got settled, I had already won everything (…) Thank you so much to the public for trusting me. Thanks for the kindness of the coaches. Thanks Florent , Marquee reacted after his victory.

« I started with a baby, I end up with a girl, even a diva
Said Florent Bogney, who had his third hit on the show.

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The young Italian-Malagasy girl had dreamed of participating in the show and had tried to act five times. During the blind exams, he regained the title Give me your heart Presented by Louvain.


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