Pokémon GO : Événement Festival Aquatique 2022

As announced in the news May 2022toWater Festival Event This year it will come back water type pokemon no aracoa which will appear for the first time in Pokemon GO !

event details

the event Water Festival From this year from Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 10 am au Friday, May 20, 2022 at 8 pmlocal time.

New Pokemon

This event will be an opportunity to add new speciesfrom New Pokemon in clothes Based on new color To your Pokédex!

New Pokemon have been added to the game

distance Floramantis (dominant pokemon from Forest Sombrefeuille) and others Malamandri (dominant pokemon The volcanic garden), the turn has come tarenbol And before its development aracoa To merge Pokemon GOIn reference to dominant pokemon from Lapping Hill at Pokemon Ultra Sun and others Pokemon Ultra Moon. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Fourth GodAlola : Tocubescuwas present at the raids a few days before this event.

New Pokemon in clothes

During this event, you can meet Luclas Dressed scarf ! The lucky ones will be able to meet him in his country appearance chromatic.

pokemon scarf loklassAvailable in glossy color

Shiny new pokemon

first time in Pokemon GOyou can meet operator at appearance chromaticand thus at the same time its development Galgobat ! As mentioned above, Luclas It will also be available in a file appearance chromatic.

increased appearances

As with every event, some Pokemon will appear more frequently natureat eggat raids And much more!

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in nature

In the wild, you may come across the Pokemon listed below, including titartAnd disassembled and others Mamanbo With luck.

In 7 km eggs

In the 7-kilometer egg race this time, every Pokémon below will be able to hatch from these eggs!

eggs and hatching

in raids

at raidsyou will be able to find Pokemon related to the event.

Raid battles

One Star Raids
3 star raids
5 star raids
Pokemon Tokopescu
Huge raids
pokemon mega tourtankAvailable in glossy color

field studies

Some field studies It will allow you to have encounters with some Pokemon like Lokhlass wears a scarf and others Marielfrom Blastoise Mega Energy And from here Giardos Mega Energy !

The field research list will be posted here at the start of the event.

field studies

customized study

a customized study It will only be available during the event period, allowing it to be obtained 50 Gyarados Mega EnergyAnd 1000 pixelsAnd 1000 stardustMeeting with Lokhlass wears a scarf and meeting with aracoa !

Timed Research details will be posted here once the event begins.

level 1/?
Awards: at
The second step /?
Step 3/?
Step 4 /?

private study

after these Millie MilliDr’Akala And’Ola Olatoprivate study employment purple It can be obtained if you connect at least once to the game from Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 10 am Paris time! You can complete it at any time once you receive it. However, if you complete these four studies, you will be able to open a file End of season search fin mai.

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Global Challenge

And Global Challenge It will be available to all coaches in Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 10 pm au Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 10 pmParis hours. If the challenge is successful, a reward will be available to all trainers!

  • Goal : Catch 600,000,000 water-type Pokemon
  • Reward or reward: pick up candy x 2

Avatar Elements

mark Water Festivala scarf It will be available for purchase at Fashion Store Even after this event.

Pokémon GO: Water Festival 2022 Event - Avatar Element


Finally, during the event, you can take advantage of bonus following:

  • Duration of rain lure units x 4 (30 minutes → 2 hours).
  • Hatching candy × 2
  • Increase the hatching of candy L

That’s it for now, Stay connected in Bokicalos for more information ! Feel free to refer to our profile Pokemon GOor our page that lists all current and upcoming events on Pokemon GO !

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