question for a barrier Now back to the center turkey. president Recep Tayyip Erdogan Launch a referendum proposal for inclusion in constitution The right of women to wear the veil in public buildings. In fact, Ankara has banned headscarves in public for years and the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt has bannedAkp Erdogan has only partially lifted this ban. Now the story can be decisive in light of presidential year 2023.

Erdogan’s proposal

The issue in Turkey is deeply felt. At stake isidentification The same Turkish Republic. The ban on wearing the headscarf in public has long been observed, especially by progressive and women’s rights movements, such as secularism Ataturk’s Turkey. From that secular Turkey, it was born on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire nearly a hundred years ago.

At the same time, however, the most conservative and proponents of the greatest influence ofIslam In society, they have always carried forward the idea of ​​ensuring that women can wear the traditions hijab. Secularism on the one hand, values ​​rooted in society on the other. Between them is, perhaps, a hardly practical road, made up of arduous compromises.

This is why that part of the constitution that prohibits the wearing of the headscarf in public has never changed. But the discussions have nonetheless led to profound changes in recent years. In 2005, for example, A . was sentenced Sarah AkgolA university student has to attend classes because of her refusal to take off her hijab.

Three years later, the AK Party allowed the headscarf to be worn in universities and the girl managed to graduate. Then the case had other repercussions, as Erdogan’s party tried several times to change the constitution.

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Today came the Turkish president’s own proposal: to organize a referendum to lift the ban on wearing the headscarf. In recent days, Erdogan has already promised to change the Turkish base card. No dates have been set at the moment, but a possible consultation could be organized before the presidential election.

Referendum for presidential elections

And it was precisely the 2023 vote that prompted Erdogan to speed up the draft Islamic headscarf rules. The Turkish president wants a victory that is not very clear at the moment. Major cities in 2019, including your city IstanbulThey went to the opposition. So the conflicting parties are pressing.

Erdogan wants to secure a conservative vote and implement the preferences of his Justice and Development Party, especially in Turkey’s deepest province. Moreover, on the issue, he must now oppose the opposition parties themselves, which show greater openness to conservatives and could undermine the consensus on the Turkish president.

Republican the classroom For example, led by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, has announced that he wants to present a proposal on the issue of veiling to women. “Previously – he said – we made many mistakes on the subject of the veil, it is time to close this chapter.An unprecedented position of the main reference party of the secular republicans, but it may be decisive in light of Erdogan’s direct challenge.


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