What a disaster!  We are heading towards a massive anomaly like in 2003, and look what happens!

The American model insists on predicting a new blockade on the Mediterranean About Sunday the 17th, when autumn seemed ready to enter the scene.

A situation like the one you see above can only lead to a dry and hot climate, Which will postpone the arrival of autumn, deprive us of precious precipitation and, above all, prolong the ablation of the glaciers, which have already been sufficiently martyred by the heat of the past few weeks.

This barricade pattern occurred several times in the infamous 2003 season, The depressions entered this black hole of the Canary Islands and brought maximum rainfall between Portugal and Spain, without advancing towards us, as a mass of boiling air took control of the shore instead.

On this occasion, if we analyze the temperatures at 1500 meters expected for Monday the 18thWe see that the only area that is slightly less hot will be our north, where the easterly winds reach the lower layers. As for the rest, the hot flash appears to be intending to move towards other areas of the country, we see it here below:

Other models also see this sinkingthus effectively postponing the arrival of autumn, is an anomaly that, if it persists, may affect the balance of autumn precipitation:

Fortunately, there are still averages for most models’ scenarios that allow us to believe that this congestion may only be temporary. By Tuesday the 19th or Wednesday the 20th, it is possible that the flow of westerly currents will begin, albeit slightly turbulent, to remedy this situation and push at least some rainy disturbances towards the north and center of the country, as seen below. But can he be trusted?

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