Painting the house yourself: 9 tips to avoid making mistakes

Painting your house yourself is completely possible: you just need to know the basic tips and little tricks of the trade.

Painting a house may seem like a huge job, especially if we have very large rooms, but that is not the case at all. It is actually about A fairly simple and quick process, Provided, of course, that you proceed in the correct order and do not make trivial mistakes.

Quite often in fact A small mistake can harm the success of the business, Maybe he created Defects and irregularities on the surface To paint or by obtaining a Incomplete result.

9 tips to paint your house yourself like a real professional

1 – Appropriate equipment To paint the house yourself consists of Smaller brushes and brushes, than a paint roller with an extension And of course one Water based paint Suitable for the type of wall we need to paint but also for the result we want to achieve.

Tips for painting the house yourself

Never start from the center to paint a wall –

2- Calculate the exact extent of the surface to be painted it is necessary Take measurements of all walls For a house, multiply the height and width of each wall by E Add the area of ​​all the walls, including the ceiling. So it will be necessary Multiply the result by two (Because it will be necessary to apply two layers of paint) Then go to a hardware store.

3- Cover yourself well with old clothes. Paying attention above all to protecting your hair will avoid many problems. Let's also not forget the mask and rubber gloves to protect the airways and hands.

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4- Protect furniture and floors It is necessary to avoid damaging the furniture and then having to spend a lot of time removing the paint, even at the risk of causing minor damage. To do this the advice is: Gather all the furniture in the center of the room Cover them with large plastic covers Cover the floor with cardboard Or newspaper papers. Until the Electricity sockets It will be covered with paper tape.

5- Preparing the walls Paint is essential to get a good result. First you will go Remove old plaster and any type of mold, So it may be necessary Sand the walls to level them.

6 – Start from the corners It's the secret of a good result. It will be on you first Trace the edges between walls and sides of doors with brushes and brushes. In order to create an accurate foundation, Then start with the roller Start by painting on one side of the wall and then move towards the center.

7- Do not pass the roller over dry paint It is necessary to avoid creating thicknesses and irregularities at different points of the wall.

8- Always start from the ceiling Then moving to the walls will greatly facilitate the implementation of the work.

9- Wait until the first layer dries completely Before starting to apply the second layer. It is recommended to finish the first layer, wait a few days and start painting again starting from the same room from which we started applying the first layer.

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