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In 2004, Michael Patrick Kelly decided to take a drastic step: he went to a monastery and lived there for six years.

Leipzig – Tours and No. 1 wins sold out. For the rest of the “Kelly family”, life has long been designed for Michael Patrick Kelly (43). However, in 2004, he decided to make a radical change: he went to a monastery and lived there for six years. How he then returned to normal life, the singer now recalls. “ஆற்றுப்படகு“.

Michael Patrick Kelly (43) not only left the monastery on the “Riverboat” but also remembers his experiences with God. © Britta Pedersen / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

When asked by Michael Patrick Kelly’s appraiser Kim Fisher, 52, about the way out of the monastery, he admitted, “I’m not used to anything.”

For six years Bart lived in the Catholic monastery of the St. John Community in Burgundy, France. In November 2010, he left the community, devoting himself more to music than anything else.

“I was happy to be there,” said Michael Patrick Kelly.ஆற்றுப்படகு“” I gave up everything the world had to offer, and it gave me a lot of freedom. “

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However, precisely this abstinence should become a challenge to him. “I had to start fresh, I had no money.” Kelly initially lived with his sister and got a car from his brother.

Host Kim Fisher (52), here in the first scene of the concert "Jug 56", Had some questions in conversation with his famous guest.

Host Kim Fisher, 52, asked some questions in a conversation with her famous guest during the first scene of the “Gudam 56” concert here. © Annette Riedl / dpa

Moreover, in six years the world has changed in the monastery. “I haven’t had a cell phone in over a year,” Michael Patrick Kelly recalled.

At one point, however, he ran back to his current wife, Joel Verreet. “Then I got the cell phone in two days.”

Michael and Joel have known each other since a young age. “Our parents were friends, and he was one of the few constant people I met with all the ups and downs in my life.”

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It should take some time for her to show interest. The excitement about the singer was initially too big for the woman of his heart. “But after being in the monastery she thought: Well, the boy might have a little depth – and then thank God it stimulated both sides.”

The couple has been married since 2013 and have been living happily ever after. Life in a monastery seems to have its benefits.

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