Tonya Mastroponi lashes out at Meloni for the fascism, and Merlo silences her

There is talk of anti-fascism, April 25th and the words of Gianfranco Fini by Alessandra Sardoni, in omnibuson La7, on the April 24 episode of e Tonya Mastroponi And he attacks: “In any other country a minister who talks about ‘ethnic replacement’ would have resigned after a minute because some red lines must not be crossed, not because the left demands it but because history demands it.” And again, journalist D.J Republic: “If you want to be a Minister of a Democratic Republic, certain things must be said and done. Before you are denied.” finish That party was outside the constitutional arc because it did not recognize itself in the constitution” and asserts: “The moment Meloni avoids any talk of acknowledging what happened in history, he is doing something wrong.”

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Here is the question and answer between Tonya Mastroponi and Salvatore Merlo

Words that excite Salvatore MerloI don’t want to defend Georgia Meloni But secular I say that in the constitution it is written that after 5 years even those who were part of the fascist government can return to vote and be elected. Bottai was still alive…” He then notes:” This is certainly due to the fact that Italy was a democratic country. From the end of the resistance to today, something and more Something has changed right“, concludes the deputy director the paper. “Either they are fascists and therefore the party is illegal, or else…”. But Sardon interrupted: “That’s not the case. The point is if they can’t find a common vocabulary.”

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