Article 1: Amin Giri and Nice on the Journey Against Bordeaux

Match: 4-0

Six days after the events that ended the match against OM, Jim saw its Alliance Riviera empty of spectators on Saturday, but at the start of the season it did not lose good habits. Reims (0-0), Lily (4-0) and Marcel (1-0 after 75 minutes), Christoph Caldier’s men did not score a goal. After all, they had four more points, and the Kiri-Clueward duo quickly broke the defense of five of the most pale Bordeaux team (4-0).

Without Caspar Talberg, who would eventually be forced to lose, or without his Montpellier rookie Andy Delort, Jim would not have fully retained its attacking resources yet, but he would not need to be forced to win. If Sacco Mara (12th), Rami Udin (24th) and Hwang Ui-jo (26th) had sent some tremors on Walter Benitez’s goal in the first half hour, the case would have already come to trial at the break (42nd, 3-0). The gap could have been greater if the double writer Kiri had shown more clarity after a solo emergency (20th).

After the start Caldier did not taste relaxed, and he asked on the edge of the field. But his team had room on Saturday. Not responding to ball control (56% possession) and Vladimir Petkovic’s tactical adjustment at the break, the Girondins – who have yet to win this season – have revealed worrying defensive shortcomings.

Player: Kiri, fire legs

The author of 16 goals and 8 assists in 41 games in all competitions for his first season at the gym, Kiri came out on top at 2021-2022. On the axis, his favorite position by Chaldea, the International Espoires, was already fantastic at Lily (4-0). He had a good attack on his shoulders again on Saturday, backed up by a brilliant Justin Clivevert in the first period (one goal, his first and one assist).

The Dutch international gave his young French team (21) a 2-0 lead in the 33rd match. Kiri then converted a penalty at the feet of Laurent Kozulny (42nd, 3-0).


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