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The League Stands Up: Immediate expulsion of those who incite anti-Semitic hatred

The question of Palestine is “resistance against the military occupation that has been ongoing for many years amidst general indifference by the West.” This was stated by Muhammad Khalil, the imam of the Byzantine Islamic community, in an interview with Al-Ummah newspaper. But the religious guide claims that his opinion is the opinion of a Palestinian, not the imam, whatever that means. In short, pro-Hamas attitudes began to spread, even in so-called moderate Islam. “The Gaza Strip is an open prison,” Khalil says, and here the issue is not whether to condemn Hamas’ actions or not, but rather to understand the legitimate will of the Palestinian people for self-determination. Yes, you read that right: There is no trace of condemnation for Saturday’s attack. In fact: “The raids that took place in recent days are not aggression but resistance,” says Khalil, who believes that what is happening in the Middle East is no different from what happened in Ukraine with the invasion of part of Putin’s Russia.

Words that anger Susanna Ciccardi, a member of the European Parliament for the League and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Our country “is not only under severe migratory pressure, but unfortunately also has to deal with those who ‘fan the flames’ in a reckless manner,” commented the MEP, quoting the words of the Imam of Beza, “who declared in the press that” the brutal, unprovoked massacres and kidnappings Women, children and the elderly committed by Hamas Islamic terrorists in Israel are acts of “resistance”. We must ask ourselves whether we are “facing incitement to anti-Semitism and terrorism,” says Sicardi, who calls for tough action against the imam and “the immediate expulsion of those who incite anti-Semitic hatred.”

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