If you want to create something unique, get a metal whisk and 1 woolen yarn

To create something unique and personal, all you need are yarn and a metal bat: you go.

Flagellum and thread – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

Create a file something unique With woolen thread and a kitchen whisk? Do-it-yourself experts guide you step by step towards the most authentic solutions that may exist. With creativity and a little ingenuity, it is possible to create personalized items to give as gifts or to keep. Not only will you spend less, but you’ll also help the environment by using all the yarns Fleece thrown into the tray.

The second life of fabrics: an idea that respects the environment

I give one The second life of fabrics Today it is almost a fashion. In fact, it must be understood as a real necessity. Indeed, in a historical context like this, it is important to recycle and not throw it away. By taking fabrics, you can always create new things or accessories for later customized As you wish.

A thread of wool
Wool thread – imilanesi.nanopress.it

Preserving the environment is high on the priority list of things to do for the Earth, which is why it’s important to know how to make the most of what you have at home without doing so. Big bags of stuff to get rid of.

Woolen yarn is an example for everyone: in a short time and with the right weave, you can make all fashion accessories: from pin earrings, through key rings to special rings. In short, go ahead and fantasize. This accessory, for example, is made with the help of a kitchen whisk.

Wool Yarn and Whips: How to Make a Personal Accessory

With this alternative technique, thanks wool yarn And a kitchen beater, a colorful DIY keychain made as a gift. Not everyone can have the craftsmanship of a do-it-yourself expert, but with a few simple moves, you can create something unique.

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What you need is the following:

  • new or better colored wool yarn for recycling;
  • Kitchen whisk
  • 1 sewing hook.

Take the strands, one by one, and roll them with a kitchen paddle. The first wraps itself up in a simple way, while the others intertwine until it’s done Build a structure. Remove from the flagellum and work the rest of the strands.

Take one sewing scissors And start cutting from different angles, so you can get a completely customized structure.

Wool yarn processing
Wool yarn processing imilanesi.nanopress.it

Immediately after you takecrochet And you are working Manual structure, weave it to create the desired shape. Close it with a knot and add it to a carabiner with your car or house keys. Within a few minutes you will be able to have a personalized keychain, of fleece and desired color. There are many videos on the web that help create objects of this type, step by step.


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