Venezuela is silent about the rigged elections

I vote for Venezuela Maduro

Venezuela is going to have a “fake presidential election,” and newspapers need to start writing about it

Hours after Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro announced his presidential election on July 28, it was already clear that he had already won his propaganda battle: most of the media and many heads of state immediately agreed to refer to his electoral farce as “the election.” .

Not only did the dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and the governments allied with Maduro, namely Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, use the word “elections”, but also more respected news agencies such as the Associated Press and Reuters, newspapers and major television networks. From the world as well as American and European officials.
It's just a shame that:
1. Maduro has banned all major opposition candidates. The regime excluded Maria Corina Machado, the candidate who won the opposition primaries in October with a landslide majority of 90%, from running for any public office.

2. Opposition leaders do not have the freedom to campaign freely in the country. Machado cannot travel by plane within Venezuela because the regime has ordered airlines not to allow him to board any flights.

3. Maduro does not allow freedom of the press. Machado could not be interviewed even once on any Venezuelan television network.

4. Maduro's surprise announcement that elections would be held on July 28 left the opposition little time to organize.

5. Venezuela's five-member National Electoral Council is controlled by Maduro and does not function as an independent electoral court.

No one claiming to support democracy, especially journalists and heads of state, should call the vote organized by the Venezuelan dictatorship an “election.”

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Paolo Manzo, March 10, 2024

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