“At the second ministerial meeting, he would have run away even with Pogo.”. or again:“His efficiency is indisputable, as is his incompetence to manage things and people, starting with himself.”. These are some opinions Massimo Gramellini on me Morgan on pages Corriere della Sera. Targeted dash, scientifically structured and linked to the hypothesis of the entry of the Bluvertigo leader into the team of collaborators of the Ministry of Culture, with a dedicated department directly required by the new agent Vittorio my little boy. In other words, a way to discredit the center-right government. But Castoldi did not stand idly by.

Morgan crushes Gramellini

“That’s called Gramellini, someone I didn’t know. He practically wrote to me that I was a piece of bullshit”Morgan debuts in de mosquito on me Radio 24:The mechanism of saying ‘Morgan is a great artist’ is an affordability mechanism libel. The Milanese artist frankly blamed Corriere’s signature: “This man who allowed himself to say certain things, not only said that I am not independent, that is, that I am not capable of comprehension and desire, but that I must be a narcissist, an anarchist narcissist, I must be a psychiatrist. Record“.

“He’s crazy, he’s lost his mind.”

Gramellini cannot talk about diseases, Morgan believes. still:“Then he said I’m a dog, you can’t give a dog to a dog, you can’t afford to be offended like that. I’m vulnerable to criticism, I’m not defamable. It’s a complicated way to slander. It can’t be. Do it.” “He said I can’t take care of myself, but what does he know?”Referring to Gramellini, he continued: “he is crazyhe is out of mind, how dare you? “. During the dialogue with Cruciani, Castoldi claimed his qualities as an artist, and invited Gramellini to go back to school and add the potion: “I don’t even know who he is, I’ve read Plato and Pasolini. I don’t know who he is, I don’t read him. He writes follies.”. hit and drowned.

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