Yule was enough to reduce the appetite of some extravagant people before the record. If you were still at the table on Christmas Eve night, you would not soon forget this earthquake. From Friday to Saturday at 1:00 pm, an earthquake shook several homes in northern Franche-Comté. Was the epicenter of the earthquake Twenty kilometers south of Montpellier in Dumwant, Swiss Jura. Fortunately no damage was done.

Earthquakes were felt in the country of Montbéliard this Sunday

The quake was followed by several aftershocks this Sunday afternoon, mainly felt in the country of Montpellier. The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued “The French Central Seismological Office in Strasbourg refers to France Bleu Belfort Montbéliard.

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In the region, the earth shook already this week. A magnitude 3.1 earthquake shook the region of Haut-Doubs on Tuesday, with a epicenter between Les Fins and Morteau. According to experts, There is no direct link between the two events.

200 earthquakes in the region in the last ten years

Earthquake geological location on Christmas Eve and TheMovements of the Earth’s crust in the Jura Massif. ” Jura is associated with the formation of the alpine chain. There are forces in the surface, which, from time to time, are released by these earthquakes, which we can record from time to time. In the 50 km area around the quake, 200 earthquakes have been recorded in the last ten years, which, after all, is a very low seismic zone.“Explains Olivier Langliné, seismologist at the French Central Seismological Office in Strasbourg.” The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Last November, six earthquakes were recorded in this area, which we were able to detect and detect. A magnitude 2.3 earthquake shook the region. In fact, these tectonics are active all the time and create small earthquakes.“, The expert continues.

A major earthquake is still possible but the risk is very low

This event reminds us that Located in a specific area north of Franche-Comté. ” This is an area very close to the Basel region in Switzerland, which is prone to earthquakes with historical earthquakes. We think especially about the 1,356th year that the city was destroyed. We are on the border between this low seismic zone and the high seismic zone near the city of Basel.“The seismologist Olivier Langline recalled that the northern part of Franois-Comte was not affected by a major earthquake. The probability is very low. “Apparently, the risk is very low, based on the seismicity and tectonics of the current region. Therefore, it is not the French region that is most affected by a major earthquake. After all, a major earthquake is likely to occur even if the risk is very low.“Oliver Langline promises.

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The last earthquake in the region was in 2004. It is reported to be 5.1 on the Richter scale With a centerpiece located in the dubs between Besancon and Palm Les Dames.


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