Capture d'écran du trailer cinématique du nouveau jeu Gollum montrant Gollum

The new Lord of the Rings-inspired title delivers his news and prepares for his arrival for the upcoming school year.

After failing to find his precious, Gollum was able to find the release date of his game which will show it very soon. The little character was announced already three years ago, and the little character was originally supposed to arrive on our consoles and PC in 2021. Unfortunately, the stealth and adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment has been postponed without any further news being given.

Put the ring away from you to rule them all from then on Lord of the Rings: Gollum It will happen in the end Next September 1 On PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series, Nintendo SwitchTM, and PC. The game will follow the story of Gollum that takes place parallel to the first chapters of Fellowship of the Ring. So it will be possible to discover events from lore Lord of the rings Not disclosed yet.

This game stands out through the show An adventurous and stealthy experience paired with an important narrative dimension. You can then make your choices and strongly influence the direction your game will take. The two characters who inhabit the little one everyone adore and entice you will come along to push you to make certain choices. Whether you prefer to play sinister and Indulge yourself in the desires of Gollumor so Listen to the voice of reason in a smogYou will have the cards on hand to shape your course.

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September 2022 will be a great time for Tolkien-kun fans. Coincidentally or not, the Lord of the Rings series expected from Amazon Prime for several years now will hit the platform a day after this new game, either next September 2. The upcoming school year will be driven by Middle-earth and the new adventures that will take place there, the chance to immerse yourself in this wonderful universe as summer ends and vacation fun in the sun.


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