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Werter Bremen opened the scoring for Fundesliga 3-0 (0-0) at FC Erskabirz Ayu. The Hanseatic League advanced to second place just before the end of the season next weekend.

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At home game on Sunday (3.30pm, live center at NDR.de) against John Regensburg, coach Ole Werner’s team is in a tie to return directly to the first division and follow Schalke 04. Upper plane. Marco Friedle (49th), Nicholas Fulkrug (90th + 2nd) and Nicholas Schmidt (90th + 6th) battled it out for the victory on Sunday afternoon in the same mountains. Starting position.

“3: 0 sounds easier than that. There was a lot of danger. I did not want to attack it today. However, in the end we showed our quality again and were patient,” Fulkrug said.

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After a few seconds Werder was lucky

After a few seconds, it became clear to Werder that it would be a very uncomfortable afternoon. After the first Auer attack, guest keeper Jiri Pavlenga had to pick up the ball outside the box. Tom Palmcord promoted him there, but was only able to enjoy the first goal he scored this season for a very short time. Referee Benjamin Brand (Underspiece) denied the goal because “Weilsen” legend Dimitri Nazarov – who was playing his 250th Division Division game against Bremen – had previously intervened decisively and was offside.

Bremen is harmless before half time

Guests were warned and now know that Erskabirge was ready to show a different face than it had the previous week with a 0: 6 bankruptcy on Dormstad 98. Coach Pavel Totshev’s team did it wonderfully. The class distinction between the downtrodden and the opportunities for promotion can only be seen in the half-baked stages. Each time Bremen lit up their best football class. However, after 45 difficult minutes, they had only one chance: Romano Schmidt was saved by keeper Philip Cleve (38 ‘).

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Pavlenga, on the other hand, had to extend after a shot from Nazaro to prevent the favorite from falling behind (41 ‘). At this point, Werder captain Omar Dobrock is not on the pitch. Defender was injured and replaced in the 35th minute.

Friedle scored after the break

From the outside, the 32-year-old saw his team start the second half with high vigor and quickly scored a goal: Leonardo Pittencourt hit an accurate cross after a free kick. Werner-Elf did not back down then, but scored the second goal. This is the perfect strategy against an opponent who is constantly working on every inch of the pitch but is inferior in football. So Werder had control of the game. Bremen’s only drawback: they did not play their attacks with sufficient concentration and thus failed to make a preliminary decision.

So the risk that one of the Long Aur balls would somehow slip and lead to a lucky win for the relegated team was up to the final whistle. However, that did not happen. Werner’s Werder were three points clear when Fulkruk took a 2-0 lead with a slightly deflected shot in extra time. Substitute Schmidt scored the third Bremen goal in a slightly more 3-0 win over those who struggled for 45 minutes.

Match Day 33, 08.05.2022 1:30 p.m.

Ore Aue


Werter Bremen



Ore Aue:
Klevin – Baumgart (57. N. Kühn), Majetschak (57. Cacutalua), Ballas, Carlson (81. Barylla) – Schreck, Fandrich – Jonjic (73. Trujic), Nazarov (73. Hochscheidt), Zolinski – Owusu

Werter Bremen:
Pavlenka – Veljkovich, Toprock (36th rap), Friedl – Weiser, Cross, a. Jung – Pittencourt (90th + 5th Grove), r. Schmidt (78th N. Schmidt) – Fulkruck, Ducksch (90th + 5th Dinky)


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