lebron james et anthony davis Game 2 contre Miami Heat NBA

Like the other contenders, the Lakers will continue to sign a few players for training camp. The front office is taking action, as an old big name will be tested this week: Sector in particular.

Given the contenders for the title, the Lakers hope to emerge victorious from the Western Conference. We’ll have to beat a team like the Nets, or the Bucks, to get the title, so we can say the mission promises to be risky. Moreover, we are still waiting to see how Russell Westbrook It will adapt to its new environment.

While they wait to learn more, Angelino surprised the world a few days ago by sending Marc Gasol to the Grizzlies. It was cut in the heels, by To find a new club, at home. An important choice for the hub, who clearly no longer wants to be around.

We just learned more on Monday about the Spaniard who was like that Especially angry after a certain event. This is understandable, especially since the experience turned out to be a complete fiasco in the City of Angels. But despite replacing DeAndre Jordan, Crimson and Gold are not done yet.

According to information from Jovan Boha, a journalist close to the Lakers, the team planned to test Kenneth Freed. A former big name in the league, he has averaged 13.7 points and 8.6 rebounds in the past. An interior that hasn’t hit the NBA floors since the 2018/19 season with 25 games for the Rockets, for 12.9 points and 8.2 rebounds. It’s almost surprising that he found himself without a team for so long.

Kenneth Freed will train with the Lakers this week.

Another player was tested in the league, and the Lakers intend to double the options. We’re looking for that rare gem in the City of Angels, and Kenneth Freed is a player who can help. Either way, you will have to prove yourself in the bootcamp.

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