The mother of the two kidnapped girls: “I am going to Gaza” – last hour

(By reporter Silvana Logozzo) He looks at the camera with eyes puffy with tears and pleads: “If you can’t return my girls to me, I’ll go to Gaza. Take me there. I’ll be hostage number 243.” “. A month after the Hamas attack, all of Maayan Zein’s torment was summed up in a video appeal addressed to Benjamin Netanyahu and Joe Biden that was released by the terrorists after they witnessed the assassination of his father in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, on the border with Gaza. “Today marks 30 days since the kidnapping girlie. It is impossible for me to sleep, think clearly, or even breathe. Please, I beg you for help, take me to Gaza. If I could just hug them, tell them it’s going to be okay, my mom is here, no matter what happens, my mom is here.” The video has been viewed a million times.

Maayan doesn’t care about opinions, but “it’s necessary for the world to see it, and for them to help me.” Maayan learned of her daughters’ fate on October 7 when her sister sent her a photo of Dafna sitting on a mattress in Gaza. “Ella and Daphna are everything I wanted in life. This is my existence, being a mother,” she said.

On Tuesday, Mian was not in Museum Square in Tel Aviv in front of the Ministry of Defense, where families of the hostages gathered and remembered the victims and missing people.

He can’t face people. And Igor Krivoy is not there either. He is the older brother of Ronnie, 25 years old, a sound engineer at a concert in the Negev Desert. He has not been able to reach him since 10:30 a.m. on October 7, as he was exchanging messages with friends, saying that he was fleeing from terrorists. “He had to work there during the night,” Igor says from his home in Karmiel, northern Israel. “And he has fun too, he loves music. Then it all happened.” He added: “He started running with a friend of his to escape from the terrorists, and at a certain point they lost their way. The friend received some messages, then nothing.” His brother says that the army informed his relatives that the young man was being transferred to Gaza, but without providing details.

“Am I angry with the government? I’m disappointed, because it’s not doing enough,” Igor admits.

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