Elon Musk promises to return to the moon as a human in 2024

The next target of dozens of researchers is the moon and the occasional billionaire like Elon Musk, who promised that humans would reach Earth’s satellite again in 2024, and yes, it will largely thank him.

Last Saturday, the head of SpaceX was optimistic about the progress of his starship lunar landing program at NASA to achieve a new mission to the moon.

The moon is 2024 or earlier

The millionaire was questioned by the Twitter account ‘Everthing Artemis’, who asked if he expected the starship to be ready to take the moon to man in 2024, to which Musk replied “probably soon”.

According to CNBC space correspondent Michael Sheets, NASA paid $ 300 million to SpaceX for Starship on July 30, which undoubtedly reflects the significant corporate allocation for the project.

This was confirmed for the link on the federal website USASpending.gov , Which is responsible for documenting government spending.

So far, $ 439.6 million has been paid to SpaceX, which is considered a $ 3 billion project.

Bezos still opposes Kasturi

Although the U.S. government confirmed that only Kasturi and SpaceX would be involved in the project, the only lunar landing contract for its Human Land Organization (HLS) project was awarded by Amazon boss Jeffs’ Blue Origin space system. Bezos was dissatisfied with the end for not showing his footing.

Blue Origin claims that SpaceX received special treatment after receiving the NASA contract.

“We are particularly concerned about the lack of available aircraft reviews on the SpaceX proposal,” Blue Origin wrote in a statement to Fox Business. “SpaceX’s complex approach requires 16 missiles in a row, consisting of three missile readiness reviews.

After the report, Musk responded on Twitter to the uncertainty of the Blue Origin, promising that 16 starship aircraft were “not very possible”.

“The orbiting spacecraft’s payload tons is 150 tons, and the lunar spacecraft’s 1,200 tons is a maximum of 8 to fill the tanks,” Musk said. “Without the folds and heat shield, the starship is much lighter. The lunar landing legs do not add much (1/6 gravity). It only needs half of its capacity, i.e. 4 tankers.”

However, Musk clarified that if 16 aircraft were needed, Starship could do it without problems.

“SpaceX has built more than 16 orbital planes in the first half of 2021 and has reached the station (much harder than docking with our own spacecraft) more than 20 times,” Musk added.

There is no doubt that the return of man to the moon will be a milestone in history, so it is only natural that Bezos would not want to step aside to appear in new books. However, the performance of SpaceX in reaching the Earth’s satellite is seen.

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