López es subido, Castro a menores y Mazara para asignación

The White Sox announced a series of moves on Friday ahead of its home series against the Astros.

Left-hander Aaron Bummer from the Handicap (right hamstring) was activated and the right-handed Dominican Rinaldo Lopez was brought in from Triple-A Charlotte. In addition, right-handed Matt Foster and left-handed Jess Fry were sent to Charlotte, while player/backs Jake Lamb was assigned to this branch to rehabilitate a strained right thigh muscle.

Bomer, who has been absent since late June, is 1-4 with a 3.26 ERA, 43 attacking hits, two saves and 10 leads in 32 games in 2021.

Lopez is on his first assignment of the season with the Chicago big team, with a 1-6 record and 7.62 ERA in 10 starts.

For his part, Foster has a 6.15 ERA in 26.1 innings and Frey allowed three runs in 2.0 runs with the White Sox, as well as 1.93 and 21 strokes in 13 games for Charlotte.

Lamb has been out of action since June 28. He hit 0.224 with five lucky catches and 10 RBIs and scored 16 points in 31 games in 2021.

In Detroit, the Tigers sent short/second baseman Willie Castro to Triple-A Toledo, while also recruiting quarterback Nomar Mazara of Quito.

To fill their spots on the active roster, Detroit brought in Mexican player Isaac Paredes and goalkeeper Derek Hill from Toledo.

Castro, 24, finished fourth in the voting for this year’s starter in 2020. He still has a chance to be part of the Tigers’ future, but the club’s patience is running out for now.

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“We have to get Willy back on the right track again,” said Vilnius director AJ Hench. “The best version of our team makes it play almost every day.”

Castro has an OPS of just 0.619, 313 points lower than his figure last year, while his OPS+ is only 73, compared to 154 in 2020. His average is .214, with 10 doubles, six home runs and 28 RBIs.

Additionally, the player has an above average -7 hamstring, within the worst 2% of the major leagues. In Toledo, Castro will play at second base.

Paredes will play second and third base for the Detroit Big Team.

Mazara, 26, for his part, has an OPS of less than 0.600. At 165 bats with tigers, he hits .212/.276/.321 with five pairs, three home runs, 19 RBI and 45 strikes in 165 bats.


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