Breakthrough in the Netherlands.  Wilders: Agreement on forming the government

Nearly six months after the last political elections, The Netherlands will finally have executive power. Everything moved to the right, and the government would consist of the PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB. “We have an agreement to negotiate“, declared the PVV party leader Geert Wilders. But there has been no news yet about the candidate for prime minister. “We also talked about the Prime Minister, and we will return to this discussion later. I can't say more now“, added the election winner.

The agreement was reached between four parties: Wilders' PVV, the pro-farmer BBB, the liberal VVD, and the new anti-corruption party NSC. It is not yet clear who will replace him Mark RutiHe moved on to other positions in addition to his candidate for NATO Secretary General. Name of the former Minister of Education and Interior Ronald PlasterkWhich also played a major role in supervising the first negotiations, which have been taking place for some time and for the most part. The parties will now have to discuss the agreement with their groups of representatives to obtain final approval. In March, it was decided to choose a partially technocratic government It consists of 50% politicians and the remaining 50% people outside politics. A peculiarity that last appeared in 1918, when the Netherlands equipped itself A “hybrid” executive..

Last November, after 13 years in power by Mark Rutte, Wilders was infiltrated by the Freedom Party. Having already been in the lead since the first opinion polls, the first official results immediately confirmed his electoral victory. From that moment on, it became immediately clear that the historic result would allow Wilders to personally manage the negotiations, lead the political scene in the Netherlands, and perhaps negotiate. Agreement with the center-right led by Dylan Jesselgoz. also Boer Citizens' Movement (BBB)A group founded in 2019 to defend the interests of Dutch farmers immediately announced that it was open to cooperating with the far right on election night.

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Having overcome the stalemate of recent months, no one now wants to press the Prime Minister's case unduly, least of all Wilders. After yesterday's marathon negotiations, the Freedom Party leader said that it would remain a “historic day” if his Freedom Party participated in the Dutch government for the first time. Also known as”Dutch Trump“, Wilders softened many of his political positions, although his election manifesto still called for a ban on the Qur'an and mosques across the country. After achieving a surprise election victory, he was prepared to become leader of the executive, but he His name remains controversial: At least one of his coalition partners threatened to scuttle the deal. “Don't forget: one day I will become Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Supported by more DutchWilders announced after he reluctantly stepped down.If not tomorrow, at least the day after tomorrow. Because the voices of millions of Dutch people will be heard!“The coalition talks were very fierce and contentious.

In February, Chairman of the National Security Council Peter Umtzigt He abruptly withdrew from the talks, apparently because of “disagreements over public finances,” but also because of his recurring concerns about Wilders’ more extreme policies.


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