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In the aftermath of the disasters in northern Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate, more and more aides from northern Germany are moving to crisis areas – THW, firefighters, DLRG and DRK.

A spokesman for the German Red Cross (DRK) confirmed that about 50 vehicles and 130 volunteers from all over Lower Saxony had begun Saturday afternoon from a truck stop in the Nordheim to Nர்க்rburgring in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Among them are paramedics and doctors. There, in the Ahrwheeler district of Eiffel, aides are waiting for instructions on their mission in the region most severely affected by the floods. Emergency services include, among other things, specialized equipment for a tent city that can treat up to 50 people.

Firefighters are assisting from all over Lower Saxony

On Saturday, eight district fire departments from the Lower Saxony counties of Gங்கttingen, Crawfsoft Pentecost, Holsminton, Osnabrook, Schaumburg, Verdon, Typhos and Hanover, as well as the administrative districts of Arnsberg, Dடsseldorf and Dsseldorf. Northern Rhine-Westphalia sought the support of the neighboring state, according to the Interior Ministry of Lower Saxony.

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If you would like to make a donation to those affected by the floods, you can find help organizations and bank details here.

Assistants from East Frisia at the site

Since Friday, Eastern Frisia aides have also been on site, including THW from Leary, which operates in Steinbagtalsper, near Uskirch. The men and women of Deutsche LeBronz-Redangs-KesselSoft (DLRG) from Whitmond and Norton are assisting in the disaster area, as well as the northern helicopter GMPH from Emden. Emden Em Lord Mayor Tim Grutoff (independent) has sent a firefighter with pumps and an ambulance.

Police on duty against robbery

A total of nearly 1,100 emergency services are arriving. Among other things, they should help empty cellars. According to a spokesman for the authorities, the force is scheduled to relocate after about 48 hours due to “exhausting use”. Lower Saxony police are also supporting their colleagues in North Rhine-Westphalia. The main task of the authorities is to prevent looting in areas affected by discharges and power outages.

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DLRG assists in the Rhine-Erft District

Two DLRG water rescue trains with a total of 110 people were sent into operation on Thursday evening. A spokesman said your work would primarily assist with evacuation operations, particularly in the affected Rhine-Erft district. The units are fitted with specialized vehicles, including loading cranes and lifeboats with shallow drafts for use in flood situations. Divers are also on duty.

People in the village of Schultz in Ahweiler district are watching the devastation caused by the storm.  Photo: Harold Tittle / DPA

Audio: Interview with Carsten Swanke: Extreme weather or climate change? (6 min)

“Exhausting, Long Journeys”

On Thursday, more than 300 emergency relief services of the Technical Relief Organization (THW) from Lower Saxony and Bremen departed for North Rhine-Westphalia. These include volunteers from Gottingen, Northeim and Astrod Am Horse. Axel Rentzka of THW in Cottingham told NDR in Lower Saxony that they would stay in the flooded area for two to three days. “Make sure they are prepared for the tough, long-term tasks that are physically challenging.” Rendshka said it would take a lot of empathy to interact with the severely affected local people. In addition, emergency services from the State, Gloucester-Zellerfeld, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Osnabrook and Ronenberg (Hanover area) entered crisis areas. Some have a special laser device that scans the building and recognizes that it is in danger of collapsing.


In the Rhine-Erfert district of northern Rhine-Westphalia the floodplain of Erbstadt was reduced to floodplain.

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Emergency services are assisting from the north after the floods in the Rhineland-Palatinate and northern Rhine-Westphalia. (07/16/2021) 4 min

Lower Saxony creates a new field for disaster relief

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) spoke on Friday about the tragedy of the incredible ratio. “From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the emergency services and wish them every success – and they will be safe and well.” On Thursday, the ministry created a specialized agency structure (PAO) in collaboration with the Lower Saxony State Office for Fire and Disaster Management (NLPK). It operates as a separate staff organization. Its purpose is to support the affected federal states with material and units at short notice. In addition, the BAO coordinates the entire deployment of Lower Saxony units in other federal states.

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Weil thanks Lower Saxony’s assistants

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephen Weil (SPD), has expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of the dead and missing. “What this mass of water has done is how much suffering and destruction the storm has brought,” Weil said Thursday. He thanked the assistants from Lower Saxony who worked there. “Take good care of yourself,” he said. Weil said the current severe weather disaster will not be an isolated incident. “You must not fool yourself, we are in the midst of climate change,” Weil said.

Helicopter requested Shellswick-Holstein to rescue people

The Federal Police have requested a helicopter from Shelswick-Holstein to assist in disaster areas in northern Rhine-Westphalia. The winch is mounted on federal police machines that can be used by team members to rescue people and drag them into the machine.

Boats operate from Hamburg near Cologne

About 70 police officers from Hamburg are currently on duty to help with the floods. They come from the Water Police and the State Riot Police, and with them were 15 boats of different sizes, police chief Ralph Martin Meyer told the Hamburg Journal on Friday. Police in the affected villages should search the area with their boats. Police have also dispatched their pastor as it is not clear what the aides will meet. The German Red Cross, DLRG and other emergency services of the fire brigade are on alert.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also provides assistance

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also provides support. “Our emergency services are in place to deal with the effects of the storm,” Interior Minister Torsten Renz (CDU) said Friday. In Rostock, for example, a team of police helicopters were preparing for a Rhineland-Palatinate flight. “Our thoughts and our sympathies go with the families of the victims and the missing. Many volunteers and full-time workers do incredible things,” Rense said. Prime Minister Manuela Swazik (SPD) spoke of a shocking situation on Thursday. News and pictures from North Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate have been affected. The aides fought to the point of exhaustion for the lives and property of many.

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Connected by the Square and Wuppertal City twins

Wuppertal’s pictures caused a stir, especially in the city of Swerin. Wuppertal and Swerin have been doubled by cities since 1987. “We have been in contact with the city of Wuppertal and have certainly offered our support,” Swerin Mayor Sebastian Ehlers (CDU) told NDR Northampton on Thursday. Local aid agencies such as DRK or DHW have not yet been requested.

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Erfstadt (North Rhine-Westphalia).  Water rescue workers use a boat to inspect trucks parked on flooded Federal Highway 265.  Photo: Marius Becker / DPA

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