In Islanda, la scoperta di grotte dell'epoca vichinga sta scuotendo il Paese

In the Southern IcelandNear a small but important village, an extensive network of caves was discovered. While there is nothing new about this remote and wonderful country in the North Atlantic, this latest discovery confirms the theory that The Vikings were the first occupants of the islandadding new, hitherto unknown elements to the history of these places full of mystery and mystery.

Viking Caves that reveal a new Icelandic story

Excavations are underway in the Viking Age near man-made caves Odda small village in the province of rangarveiller, In southern Iceland – of which only the church and a few outbuildings remain – has revealed an extensive system of interconnected structures that are not only much larger than originally thought, but also Much larger.

It turns out, in fact, that the caves were excavated for the first time During the Viking Agebetween 800 and 1060. According to archaeologists, the ones that have just appeared are the best preserved artificial structures of that period, and they are certainly larger than those discovered so far in Iceland.

In 2018, the first intact and artificial cave of Oddi was discovered, which is a fascinating discovery in itself. But further investigation at the site revealed a much larger cave connected to the first. Historically home to a church, farm and priest, Oddi was once one of Iceland’s most important cultural and political centers and home to a powerful clan known as the Oddverjar.

The current study, which lasted for two years, aims to shed light on literary tradition From this place during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, when the Oddverjar was at the height of their power. One of the oldest stories of Norse kings, Sæmundur fróði (Samundur the Learned, 1056-1133), the most famous member of the clan, wrote a lost manuscript on which one of the most important epics in Norse mythology is likely to be based.

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A long and complex history awaits to be discovered

According to archaeologists, it could be the cave that is currently being excavated “Nutaheller”Which “Grotta del Toro”mentioned in “Jarteinabók Þorláks Biskups”(Legends of the Saints of Bishop Urlacore), dating from 1210 – 1250. The manuscript tells that Notahler collapsed with 12 bulls inside. One of them was later rescued from the rubble. Although older, it is likely that the cavity was intended for livestock.

However, the history of their use dates back to periods far beyond those that archaeologists have been able to trace. The Oddi Caves have a complex and fascinating story to tell, but in this case they involve massive structures and an incredibly extensive cave system that scientists are only just beginning to learn about. A much larger study, with a much larger team, would have to be done to get to the bottom and trace the full history of the use of these caves.

The ongoing excavations are unique in terms of site conditions. The caves are not only located at a great depth, which is dangerous for archaeologists involved in the operations, but are also built of sandstone, a rock so porous that it collapses before the eyes. Therefore experts must act quickly, also bearing in mind that any delay may result in the loss of valuable objects or information. Of course, this new discovery only increases The magic of Iceland is truly amazing.


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