Telephone call with Turkish Minister Akar.  What's up - time
Pietro de Leo

However, there is still a certain thread of comparison, however subtle and tenuous it may be. L ‘Boca massacrewith the great international shock that followed the atrocities committed by the Russian military on the civilian position made Negotiations between Moscow and Kiev.

However, one player who has worked in the negotiations, Turkey (which has hosted some rounds of confrontation), is still on the field. So you can read the phone call between Minister From defense to AnkaraAnd Hlusi Akarand the Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu.

The latter’s role in the conflict has often been discussed in recent weeks. As a pro-Putin hawk, he was cited as the main culprit of the failure of operations in Ukraine, which according to predictions should have led to the occupation of the capital in a few days. However, for a few days, Shoigu disappeared from the public radar and rumors attributed the matter to an illness, after an outburst from the Kremlin leader.

During the interview, the Turkish Defense Minister, according to the pro-government English-language newspaper Ankara, claimed a case evacuation subordinate Civilians in Mariupol urgency cease-fire in favor of a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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