The Darcy players condemned the racist insults during the match against Chavanos

The 2nd Division Futsal match between FC Chavanos and Dorsey did not end on Saturday in Borcoin-Jalliou. Ile-de-France players claim to have been subjected to racist insults by some spectators. The charges were denied by the Isère Club.

There is no winner or loser between FC Chavanoz and Torcy Futsal. No draw, but the game ended in total chaos. This late game on the 3rd day of Division 2 of the Futsal Championship at Borgoin-Jalliou on Saturday ended just minutes before the final whistle as the Ile-de-France players refused to restart the game (score 4-3 in Savannah).

The reason? According to them, they have been the target of racist insults from “about fifty people” in the general population. We were called “Dirty Blacks”, “Dirty Carlos” Parisian Hadem Mouli, Dorsey’s assistant coach. My black soldiers received spitting and projectiles. (…) The worst part is that it’s not just young people. The 45-50 year olds also insulted us instead of calming the little ones.

“It’s very serious. We don’t care about losing the game.”

A goal was rejected and a player from Darcy scooped a red card … The game deteriorated at the end of the game. A Darcy player throws a bottle at the spectators before the game is over. “We were subjected to racist insults and the Ile-de-France coach continued that our safety was not guaranteed. But he downplayed it. (…) He threatened to lose the game if we did not start again. He will report because our player tried to attack him.” Dorsey’s players have decided not to start the match again. “It’s very serious. We can’t leave it unresponsive,” Hadem Mouli continued. “We don’t care if we lose the game.”

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FC Chavanoz categorically denies the version of events

The Seine-et-Marne club referee regrets that he “lost the thread” and called on the FFF to “react”, with FC Chavanoz, in its chairman’s voice, vehemently denying the version of his facts: “They are bringing elements, Moussa Meniri,” Yet Le Parisien questioned, when we accuse, we can prove it, we are ready to go to the disciplinary committee and explain, I did not participate in the competition. ‘ There was a fight on the field. The player returned to the field, he was so angry that he threw a bottle of water at the spectators.

According to our information, the file is being investigated by the FFF’s Federal Regulatory Commission. The representative’s report is pending


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