Mohamed Abou Gabal a fait la différence lors de la séance de tirs au but.

Jabaskey-Solid, Sangare much less, Haller conservative…tops and flop after 8 CAN between Côte d’Ivoire and Egypt (0-0 after, 4-5 on the pens).


The two Egyptian goalkeepers do the job

Alternately, El-Shennawy and Jabsky fended off the Ivorian strikes, even disgusting their opponents today. The first goalkeeper in the Egyptian squad, who qualified on penalties against Elephants on Wednesday (0-0, 5-4 on the pens), maintained his rank very well, before being injured in a seemingly harmless outing. Japasky then took charge a few minutes before the end of regulation time. The Ivorians put in eight strokes in total for 120 minutes, and forced out several opponents. Number 2 on the day, with 16 at the back, he was then the penalty shootout champion. He markedly shifted Bailey’s bid on the bar. Enough to win in the end.

The changes were good

It was a complicated match for both teams, who struggled to set the tempo. After a great achievement for the Egyptians at the beginning of the second half, the intensity of the match decreased significantly in the second half. But Hassan Trezeguet, who played in the 71st minute, did a lot of good things. The Aston Villa winger created three big chances in the next 50 minutes. On the other hand, Jeremy Boga – who recently joined the ranks of Atalanta – and Wilfried Zaha, who entered the field a few seconds after Trezeguet, brought the qualities of speed and rhythm. One on the hub and one on the side. That’s fine, we no longer see Nicholas Pepe.

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The inability of the pharaohs

A team that has scored so little so far – two goals in three games – and on Wednesday night, we understand why better. Mohamed Salah’s teammates only shot 21 goals on goal… five shots on goal. He scored zero goals like against Nigeria but this time in 120 minutes. On the other hand, the five shooters turned their shot towards the goal. This is the main.

Sebastian Haller is very conservative

The star striker Elephants did not stand out in this meeting. The uninspired midfielders struggled to find him. For his part, he made little effort to move. He misses a big chance at the end of the match when he is alone, or about to face the opposing goalkeeper within three meters of the goal. His head, highly focused on the pyloric, can be easily turned. We also remember the great pass from Eric Bailly to his striker. Total misunderstanding and missed opportunity.

Badra Ali Sinjar was about to arrive

He came very close to being at the top of the game, but he almost cost the victory over his own people to himself. Ordered five times in 120 minutes, knew how to be serious and persistent. On the other hand, he was very predictable in the penalty shootout, often diving early. Opposing shooters had no problem taking it the wrong way. Like the lack of experience for the 35-year-old goalkeeper.

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