Pop singer Kristin Stark in an orange bikini by the pool
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As soon as the temperature rises, the German victory stars plunge into the cold water. Reason enough for us to dig Beatrice Eglise, Kristin Stark and Melissa Naschenweng’s hot summer looks out of the photo booth.

1/17208528269_1861124294054088_170981688674296964_n.jpg © Instagram/Christin Stark
Christine Stark in an orange bikini by the pool
2/17180286696_1044170119448551_6133474934803466294_n.jpg © Instagram/Christin Stark
    Christine Stark and daughter Zoe in the pool
3/17288698076_1501681676914394_8140612711478799735_n (1).jpg © Instagram/Christin Stark
Vanessa Mai poses in a colorful bikini for an Instagram pic
4/17“Look here, a pool girl,” Vanessa Mai captioned this Instagram pic. The pop singer flaunts her well-trained body in a colorful bikini with a high waist. © Instagram/Vanessa Mai
Vanessa Mai in a black bikini on a boat
5/17But Vanessa Mai also looks good in black. This time he is relaxing on the coast of Croatia. © Instagram/Vanessa Mai
Vanessa Mai in a black bikini by the sea
6/17Vanessa Mai shows how sexy bathing suits can be in black again, this time. © Instagram/Vanessa Mai
Melissa Naschenweng in a leopard print swimsuit on a boat
7/17Melissa Naschenweng shows how sexy a bathing suit can be. The pop singer is a real eye-catcher with this Leo print one-piece suit. © Instagram/Melissa Naschenweng
Melissa Naschenweng in a green bikini on the beach
8/17Bathing suit or bikini: Melissa Naschenweng always cuts a good figure! © Instagram/Melissa Naschenweng
Melissa Naschenweng in a red bathing suit on the beach
9/17Melissa Naschenweng in a red bathing suit: You’ve got the “Baywatch” theme song in your ear, right?! © Instagram/Melissa Naschenweng
Marie Reim in a red bathing suit by the sea
10/17Speaking of “Baywatch”: Marie Reim loves the classic red swimsuit. © Instagram/Marie Reim
Marie Reim in a tight leotard bikini by the pool
11/17It couldn’t be tighter: Marie Reim in a Leo bikini. Her tattoos also come into their own here. © Instagram/Marie Reim
Marie Reim in a white bikini by the sea
12/17Mary Ream goes sportier with this look in a white bikini with neon yellow detailing. A real spectacular! © Instagram/Marie Reim
Beatrice Eglie in a bikini and an air mattress in the pool
13/17What better way to celebrate your birthday than wearing a bikini on an air mattress? No chance. Pop singer Beatrice Egley probably thought so too. © Instagram/Beatrice Egli
Beatrice Eglie in a purple swimsuit with a straw hat and sunglasses on a boat
14/17To be envious: Beatrice Eglise relaxes on a boat in a purple swimsuit, straw hat and sunglasses. © Instagram/Beatrice Egli
Anna-Karina Wojciech in a zebra swimsuit in the ocean
15/17Anna-Karina Wojciech also loves animal prints. © Instagram/Anna-Carina Woitschack
Anna-Karina Wojciech in a colorful bikini with an orange baseball cap in the pool
16/17From animal prints to bright colors: Anna-Karina Wojciech can wear anything. © Instagram/Anna-Carina Woitschack
Sonia Liebing walks the garden landscape in a purple bikini
17/17Abdominal muscles to be envied: Sonia Liebing. The pop singer presents a great figure in a tight purple bikini. © Instagram/Sonia Liebing

MUNICH – Summer is here and he’s showing what he can do. No wonder so many people bathe themselves in cold water. Many German pop stars: Christine Starck, Melissa Naschenweng or Beatrice Eglie have now again delighted their fans with summer looks.

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