Hyundai Boston Dynamics Celebrates PTS-L Financiero's Tune

Acquired by Hyundai Boston Dynamics And celebrated with a special video BDS, the global pop icon and its global brand ambassador.

Robotics An important business development area for Hyundai, Which is further strengthened with the acquisition of Boston Dynamics.

“With the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, Hyundai is expanding its new robotics business to provide customers with exciting driving experiences,” said Thomas Schemera, Hyundai’s Vice President and Global Marketing Director.

About integration From January 2020, PTS will serve as their Global Ambassador, Schemera commented that they hope to explore new marketing opportunities to achieve Generation Z, Due to the immense energy provided by this sector of the population.

In the video titled ‘Welcome to Family with PTS’, Boston Dynamic robots dance with ‘Spot’ and ‘Atlas’ B.D.S. To the beat ‘Ionic: I am’, An anthem released in 2020 to celebrate Release of the IONIQ electric vehicle accessory brand.

The robots are designed to dance to the body movements and dance art of PTS, which dominates the ‘spot’ and ‘atlas’ at the end of the video.

Last September, Hyundai expressed its interest in improving robotics with the introduction of the ‘VEX (Vest EXoskeleton)’. A small robot that supports workers in the production line, As well as ‘Electric Vehicle Charge Handler’ and other ‘Robotic Personal Mobility’ solutions.

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