You can walk in the sky: photos from Bolivia will leave you speechless

What a wonderful place Bolivia is, here are the amazing photos that will surprise everyone: It’s like you are walking in the sky!

Each of us, at least once in our life, dreamed of it Walking in the sky next to the clouds. What if we told you that it is possible? Yes, There is a place in Bolivia where heaven and earth meet It seems to be in a dream, but it is real and it is possible to walk there. Let’s find out right away where this amazing place is located.

You can walk in the sky: photos from Bolivia leave you speechless – Credit youtube Luisito Comunica –

There are many amazing destinations around the world, which are definitely worth visiting at least once in your life! Obviously, choosing where to go also depends on personal interests and needs, however It often happens that we are not aware of the existence of some breathtaking places. And we are exactly here for Highlight of a wonderful placeWhich perhaps few people know. Let’s find out.

Do you want to walk in the sky? It is possible, just go to Bolivia! This is the dream place…

The place we are talking about is located in Bolivia, A country rich in culture, history and endless natural beauty. In fact, there are many interesting and wonderful places that you can visit, the point is that they are not as popular and well-known as the vacation spots that people usually choose. In fact, unfortunately, Bolivia is greatly underestimated. You will realize it when you find out There is this place where you feel like you are walking in the sky.

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Bolivia is a magical place
Where is this magical place located – Credit youtube Luisito Comunica –

The dream-like place we’re talking about is Salar de Uyuniit comes down to it The largest salt desert in the worldIt is located in southwest Bolivia. A unique place with an area of ​​​​about 10,582 square kilometers, it attracts the most experienced and curious visitors in the world. Imagine one A vast expanse of fine white salt that gives life to a surreal and stunning landscape, where there is nothing but sky and clouds surrounding you.. This is why it is said to be the place where earth and sky meet.

In practice, the desert remains completely dry throughout the year, until summer brings the rainy season. Rain floods the desert, which turns into natural salt deposits outdoors. When this phenomenon occurs, The salt bowl turns into a kind of natural mirror that reflects the sky and clouds on the ground, creating an optical illusion of amazing infinitywhere it looks like a star Literally walking in the sky.


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