Portugal was disgusted

Considering the face of the crowd it was difficult for the defending champion to digest his exit (1-0) against Belgium.

La Selenao is on the Boy. Five years after being crowned in the State de France, Portugal was actually eliminated in the knockout stages of Euro 2020. Against Belgium, the Portuguese were not unqualified, but came up against the cool reality of the Red Devils, despite the 1-0 winners being dominated by Fernando Santos ’men. At the end of the meeting the Portuguese technician was also hard to digest.

« We get frustrated and sad. Soldiers cry in the locker room. They gave it their all. Belgium had six shots, with only one goal. We were 29 and hit the post twice, lamented Selenao’s coach. Failure is horrible tonight. Honestly, I do not have much words to say now… We all wanted and believed. We were confident and we were confident that we could come to the final and win. There was no justice or injustice, we agreed on a goal and we could not score. “

Bitterness was good for a Portuguese coach who did not want to hide behind the same misfortune. “There is no such thing as luck or misfortune,” he continued. When there is a shot towards the goal, there are many situations for Portugal when you are in pain, a ball hits the goalkeeper, a strike hits the post, you think you are going to score a goal, but it does not happen… All the players have done. They were tired, but found the energy to try to get back on track. “

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