Stephen Curry efface Ray Allen des tablettes.

At the age of 33, the guards of the Golden State Warriors are cementing his place in the NBA legend by breaking Ray Allen’s record. giant.

This time it was the occasion. On the “Mecca Basketball” boards, under the watchful eye of Ray Allen and with Reggie Miller in the comments, on TNT, Stephen Curry became the best 3-point shooter in history last night. The 30th Golden State Warriors, who only needed two long-distance successes against the New York Knicks, doubled the now former record holder in the number of winning shots in the regular season, Allen (2973), having outdone Miller (2,560) in his era. The first returned after just under two minutes in play, the second, the record, at 7’22 from the end of the first quarter, on his third attempt of the evening. The match is clearly interrupted, emotional sequence. Allen was there to welcome him, his family, coach Steve Kerr, his teammates, and all members of Madison Square Garden.

To score, James Harden (2509, active), Kyle Korver (2450), Vince Carter (2290), Jason Terry (2282), Jamal Crawford (2221), Paul Pearce (2143) and Damian Lillard (2109) completed 10 of the best defenders, Ahead of LeBron James (2023). The first French? Nicolas Batum, 46th place in the hierarchy (1389).

As for the big story, Carrie takes care of it. Double MVP, Triple NBA Champion and two-time World Champion with Team USA, also seven-time All Star, is a native of Akron and for a long time now considered the best shooter ever, ahead of Allen, Miller, Larry Bird and company. The most complete, the most lethal, the most skilled with the ball in hand, the most capable of shooting from (very) far, and with the greatest volume. Quite simply, a legend. An inspiration to an entire generation and the next, instigating a comprehensive and profound revolution in the way we play. And it’s not over. God knows how far Curry, who is 33 and contracted to 2026, will raise his record. To unattainable heights?

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