The call for a strike on Tuesday, October 19 was launched by several unions in support of people with disabilities (AESH). The purpose of the national mobilization was to increase the number of posts to meet the requirements and to stop the policy of resource mobilization (PIAL), to re-evaluate their pay, to create real civil service legislation, and to add access to qualified training courses.

School food was affected

Among the Saint-Priests, many are on AESH strike. Some are entertainers at meridian intervals, which has an impact on catering. However, only two school groups are actually affected by this movement: Edward-Harriet and Blaine de Cede.

First, many teachers have expressed their support for not providing lessons. So the Minimum Reception Service (SMA) is set up. For lunch, half climbers should come with a cold meal provided by their parents. Second, school catering will not be provided and parents must come and pick up their children at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Families were notified by Citizen Space on the Schools and Town Hall Town website.

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