The majestic welcome of River Plate in a huge stadium

River Plate players went to the Monumental Stadium to a solemn reception On behalf of more than 50,000 souls who were present at the stadium and unleashed a real party. In front of Racing Club, the lottery will win the Marcelo Gallardo team It will be his first domestic league in more than seven years as a coach for Nunez.

The doll will thus achieve its thirteenth title, which is added to the five national cups (three copies of the Argentine Cup and two of the Argentine Super Cup), and seven international titles (including the Copa Libertadores).

The party broke out in the stands, imposing party favors (Reuters/Agustin Markarian)

About 170 ribbons and about 50 thousand balloons They are distributed in San Martín Alta, Centenario Alta, Baja and Sivori Alta. In addition, they were placed 13 big stick flag In Sívori Baja and Centenario Baja. Fireworks and plays of lights also gave all the color to a historic day.

cast the band is the pointer with 49 units And Workshops, which was crushed on Tuesday in repayment by Gymnastics, stop at 40, Such as defense and justice, so only by matching in front of academia You will draw a distance 10 units in Cordoba and the hawk, stay Nine will play it and be the hero.

the night before a race, a competitor who exercises a wonderful fatherhood and in front of whom Last March he won the Super Cup by crushing 5-0 in Santiago del Estero, The millionaire He is trying to put the finishing touch to a great campaign, adding in it 16 Submission Undefeated, With 13 wins and three draws.

This is how the Monumental Stadium looked in the face of River Plate against Racing Club (Reuters / Agustin Markarian)
This is how the Monumental Stadium looked in the face of River Plate against Racing Club (Reuters / Agustin Markarian)

that it River He’s not rich in previous years, he’s been throwing away numbers that made a difference that drove him to win prizes.To Cuba Libertadores Already played the final who lost in the end flamingo, employment Peru, but Gallardo It gave her a performance, a dynamic character to her brand and was marked by the emergence of some young characters such as destabilizing Julian Alvarez, who today is perhaps the best player in Argentine football, more Benjamin Rollheiser, Santiago Simon, Enzo Fernandez and Felipe Peña, among other things.

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Alvarez, With 16 goals, is the competition’s top scorer and with his imminent future in European football the most destabilizing factor for a team that “reworks” and replaces numbers in the best way, with superior individual and team performance and winning on all grounds.

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