Wild Thang: He is the ugliest dog in the world

Well, Wild Thang is indeed the ugliest dog in the world, but who decided that and how did we get to this conclusion?

In a competition that celebrates individuality that transcends traditional aesthetics, Wild Thang, an 8-year-old Pekingese dog, was named the world's “ugliest dog” in the 2024 edition of the competition held in California. This annual event, in its 50th edition, witnessed the participation of many dogs distinguished by their physical characteristics.

Wild Thang, the ugliest dog in the world – Ansa- Notizie.com

Wild Thang is not only a winner for his extraordinary looks but also for his incredible story of survival. As a puppy, he suffered from a severe case of tuberculosis that left indelible marks on his body, affecting his growth and causing problems with his teeth and one paw. Despite these challenges, Wild Thang proves that beauty goes beyond physical appearance.

World's Ugliest Dog: Winner and Other Contest Champions

Second place went to Roma, a 14-year-old dog who won the hearts of the judges and the audience with his unmistakable charm. Daisy May, a white mixed breed with an equally touching story, took third place. Each participant brought not only their own aesthetic to the stage, but also personal stories of resilience and affection.

A close-up shot of the ugliest dog in the world -Ansa- Notizie.com

Organizers stressed that the “Ugliest Dog in the World” should not be interpreted as an event to mock dogs for their physical defects. The goal is to celebrate the unconditional love these animals provide and encourage the adoption of less fortunate dogs. The contest is intended to serve as a reminder to look beyond outward appearances by recognizing the intrinsic value of each being.

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Wild Thang’s proud owner, Ann Lewis, will receive a $5,000 cash award in recognition of her dedication to caring for and loving this special animal despite his physical challenges. Additionally, she and Wild Thang will be guest stars on NBC’s The Today Show, where they will have the opportunity to share their extraordinary story with millions of viewers.

Wild Thang’s win in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest reminds us that every animal deserves love, no matter how they look on the outside. This annual competition provides a platform to celebrate animals who are often overlooked or considered less attractive by conventional standards but possess incomparable inner beauty. The stories of the participants illustrate how important it is to promote values ​​like acceptance and compassion in our society.


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