Seriously wanted gunman by trial

The warning was issued this Saturday, May 7, at 7:30 a.m. in the Messenger District in Pau. An armed man was also reported to have exploded. An important police device was used, including RAID men. The neighborhood was surrounded for more than an hour and in the afternoon, the man was not available.

At 7:30 a.m., a couple were found. “Nose Nose“With a gunman”There is good intuition to call us“, Explains David Book, director of the Department of Public Safety.”Twenty meters away they went in the opposite direction“The first explosion was heard then.”According to witnesses, it comes from an unused building“, The former sorting center, overlooks part of the R டெs des Messengers Avenue Goston Phobes

Just then the first group of police officers went to the scene and heard a second explosion. Following “Call for reinforcements to encircle the sector, set up a security perimeter and begin RAID implementation to intervene inside the building where the explosion occurred“.

At 10 a.m., the men of the RAID (Search, assistance, intervention and prevention) Came to strengthen the system trying to find this dangerous person.

On the former abandoned site of the Postal Sorting Center are several tall buildings with many openings without doors or windows. “There may be one person in the gaps. It is important to intervene safely and systematically with the appropriate equipment, which is why there is a raid. “

Until 11 p.m., “Time to dispel doubts about human existence“, The perimeter was closed to the circulation of men and vehicles, first on the Messengers side and then on Avenue Goston Forbes.

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An hour later the device was thrown away and the area returned to traffic. Man not available. “I do not knowThe probability is that, a few minutes after the arrival of the explosions and reinforcements heard by the police, he had to leave the rear. (Avenue Gaston Phoebus, author note).

The operation would have mobilized about thirty police officers and among them men from Bordeaux and Toulouse Raid. Police are constantly on patrol in the area.


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