Giorgio Chiellini He was one of Italy’s best players at Euro 2020, and even in the final, he could feel his great physicality. The 36-year-old from Tuscany battled with the English Archigeni players and also became the protagonist of a rather crude tactical foul on Bucayo Saka. In fact, the Juventus player lost contrast with the 19-year-old Arsenal and literally stuck to his shirt not to let him escape.

no way

Chris SmallingThe Roma defender is now off the England team’s radar, but to the Telegraph he explained how Chiellini’s error in the final was certainly “terrible” from a fair play standpoint but certainly inevitable: “We are seen as England fans, but if the roles are reversed, if I was in his place, I would have done the same.” The 32-year-old former Manchester United player then paid tribute to both captain Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, saying: “Thanks to them they managed this situation, helping their younger teammates a lot.”

hard to accept

The English national team won only one world championship in its history, in 1966 at home, and he dreamed of repeating himself on Sunday 11 July in Wembley Winning a European Championship for the first time but that didn’t happen. The slogan, launched on July 7, “She’s Coming Home,” referring to the cup, turned into: “He’s going home to others.” Many fans as well as various media outlets did not accept the deserved defeat on the field, albeit only on penalties, which is why they invented having to replay precisely because of Chiellini’s flashy foul on Saka.

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However, the truth is another mistake of the defender Juventus It was a minor match error that did not include any physical complications for his opponent who was naturally able to continue the match for a simple shirt pull.

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