Fortunately there were no casualties in the fire that broke out just before 10am on Tuesday. The fire broke out An air conditioning-dust collector, located in a shredder room Therapeutic center of the Aprochim plant in Grez-en-Boure, south of Maine. The site, which specializes in the treatment of PCBs and chemicals, is classified as High Gateway Seveso. So a plan was immediately implemented by the administration to alert the firefighters and the provincial council. “Warning chain worked”, Welcome to the province.

Residents are not at risk

The fire was brought under control immediately. The 19 employees who were on site were sidelined as a group As a precaution. According to the director, it was a fire “Isolated” And “This does not interfere with the operation of the site”, Without economic consequences. The province confirms that no smoke came out of the area, that there was a fire inside the building, and that there was no health hazard to the residents.

The third fire since October 2017

The prefect asked the director of the Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL) to go there this morning. This is the third fire at the Approxim plant since October 2017. In January 2020, a fire broke out in a furnace in Hall 2 of the plant. Six tons of copper coils were burned without injury and without any danger to the people. The Security Council meets every year Take shares of this Seveso classified site.

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