Google rolls out the new Fuchsia OS maliciously

We’ve been talking about it since 2016. We thought it would change everything. And now he’s there, without us really noticing it. Google just launched its first consumer rollout of Fuchsia OS, the new operating system, as an update to the first generation of the Nest Hub smart speaker. The software will be installed in place of Cast OS, and Linux has been running on these devices until now. The spread will be spread out over a period of several months.

The user should not see any difference, as this substitution will not cause any changes in functionality or GUI. In fact, the Nest Hub app was developed with Domain Flutter, which can adapt to any platform. It’s practical, but as an installation, it’s a bit frustrating.

Also to discover the video:

You will understand that this is only the first step. Google has never been specific about what it plans to do with Fuchsia OS. In 2019, the company said that this system will not replace Android or Chrome OS on smartphones or computers. The idea was to use it for connected things. But in reality, anything is possible. Fuchsia OS is a complete OS. It is based on a kernel called “zircon”, which is not derived from Linux, and allows applications to run in real time. So it has a lot of potential.

Source : 9to5Google

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