Do you want to know if you are in the credit bureau?  Now you can see it from your cell phone - El Financiero

Customers of bank loans and other loan services will now be able to check their credit history from their mobile phones through the Buró de Crédito mobile app.

This, after the credit information community in Mexico updates its app which is freely available in app stores an Apple s Male in appearance.

Users can review their financial and business credits, as well as their payment behavior.

Consultations can be done for free once every 12 months, and additional reports cost 35.60 pesos each.

How do you get your report in the credit bureau application?

– Once you download the app, you must create your account by entering your full name, date of birth, RFC and full address.

To get your credit report, you must indicate whether or not you have had a credit card, car loan or mortgage in recent months.

You must also provide the name or names of the institutions that granted you these loans, and the credit limit, in addition to the credit number in case it is a car loan or a mortgage.

You will also have to provide your email and create a password for your account.

– Now you can check your credit record.

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